iRyno UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Healthy smile starts with a healthy brush.

You clean the rest of your bathroom, so why not your toothbrush? Your oral care should start before you even start brushing. When you leave your toothbrush on your counter, in a cup or in a toiletry bag, it can accumulate additional bacteria and microorganisms.
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Good oral hygiene starts with a clean toothbrush.

Your toothbrush is the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The iRyno UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is an essential tool that helps protect against any germs lurking on your toothbrush.

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Brush with peace of mind

Germs thrive in dark, damp, and tight spaces. The iRyno UV Toothbrush Sanitizer has a built-in fan that dries the bristles to prevent mold  growth. 

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Feel good about the state of your oral care tools.

iRyno has a built in UV-C light that eliminates 99% of virus and bacteria in your toothbrush within 60 seconds so that you can have peace of mind when brushing.

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Portable and Convenient

The iRyno UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is easy to disassemble and clean. 

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